So, the cops came over a few days back…

…after I called them about the neighbors getting into an argument outside. There are teenagers with their own offspring living there, and it was a definite case of babymama drama. (One of the sons was arguing with his girlfriend.)

I called 911 after five or so minutes of yelling, and they didn’t take down my name. I thought perhaps they wouldn’t follow-up with me or let the neighbors know who called, which would’ve been my preference.

However, after chatting with the neighbors, they walked right over and knocked on the door, so our cover was blown. They asked who called, what we heard and what we saw. It was a short conversation, and I was on the virge of suggesting that next time around we could do that via e-mail. (It is likely that there will be a next time.)

It was the right thing to do overall, but I’m thinking it would be even righter to move.


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