Annotating wireframes in Balsamiq Mockups

I was inspired by a recent post on the Balsamiq UX Blog to find a better way to capture annotations in my wireframes. The Sticky Note component takes up too much visual real estate, and I’ve gotten feedback that the notes are hard to read.

I dove into Russ Unger’s book for some ideas, and ultimately borrowed an approach from Will Evans. The images shown here illustrate that Balsamiq’s Treat As Markup feature can be applied to any component, making it easy to show/hide annotations.

Even better, Balsamiq’s export features respect the Show/Hide Markup setting, allowing you to easily add or remove the annotations from the resulting PDF or PNGs.

I’d love to hear from anyone who’s used a similar approach.


3 thoughts on “Annotating wireframes in Balsamiq Mockups

  1. Ross–when I’m annotating, I’ll create a new layer in Omnigraffle for that work, so I can turn it on or off. The approach in Balsamiq is pretty cool, too!

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