Circulation FeedFlare – now available on Google App Engine!

Four score and many days ago, I created a FeedFlare that displayed a feed’s circulation (i.e. subscriber count) and offered it up to the world. I wrote it in Rails and ran it my hosting account, but the traffic became such that I had to shut it down.

Fast forward to earlier this year: Google announces the release of App Engine, a service that allows you to host your own web apps on Google’s world-class server infrastructure. There is much rejoicing, and wheels start to turn in my head.

In the past few days, I freed up some time to dive into Python and rewrite this flare to run on Google App Engine. I hadn’t really used Python or Django, but this was a fun opportunity to learn something new and build something people could actually use. (What a concept!)

The installation/usage instructions are posted on Google Code, so you can sneak a peek at the source as well. Here’s a screenshot of what it looks like when all is said and done:


Sample output

It was a fun little project and App Engine is great, especially with the Mac launcher tool. I’m all inspired to keep going now.

Please drop me a line if you have any questions about how to use it…I’d love to know if this helps anyone out.