Guest blogging for Phonefreek

An old friend runs an irreverent blog called Phonefreek, which features his own amusing and foul-mouthed writings on the state of the smartphone market. It’s definitely an active marketplace, so I think there’s plenty worth writing about.

Since we both possess the charming quality whereby we share our unsolicited opinions, he asked me to write some guest posts. Naturally, I was honored and spat out two such posts in the past few months:

  1. Some thoughts on the possibility of an iPhone 4 recall
  2. A fond farewell to Palm



Custom iPhone icon HOWTO

A friend asked me for tips on how to use custom/better icons on the iPhone home screen for bookmarks to certain web sites. I figured I’d just write it up here.

  1. Start by deleting and re-saving the bookmark. Some popular sites (like NewsGator) have added custom iPhone icons, but if you made your bookmarks the first day you’re stuck with the default.
  2. This trick from Cameron Hunt allows you to choose from some prefab icons suitable for general use or certain popular sites.
  3. If you’re comfortable with HTML, you can dig a little deeper with this trick and use any icon you want.